A towel, chair, shade & carrying bag all-in-one? Yup, and you can carry it all with no hands.

The Bungalow Beach Chair is both lightweight and convenient to carry. It also happens to be the most comfortable beach chair you will ever sit in. The supportive design offers the sensation of resting in a hamock, while being carressed by soft plush cotton.

The Old You:

 Spending our time at the beach or park is about making life simple and relaxing. Often times however, gathering all of the supplies, loading them, hauling them to our place of refuge, and setting up camp, can be a chore. Not to mention, most chairs out there are either too heavy or just plain uncomfortable.

 Purchasing a towel, chair, umbrella and carrying bag individually wastes money, time, and materials. Alternatively, by bundling the Bungalow Beach Chair, we have removed the need for a significant amount of plastic and metal that is required when producing a towel, chair, umbrella and carrying bag individually. Not only is this better for our environment, it saves you money. When you take into account the convenience, comfort, and quality of the towel and shade, the Bungalow Beach Chair is an awesome value


The towel is 100% cotton, 550 GSM (plush), 3-color jacquard, velour on one side to make it soft to the touch and terry on the other to be super absorbent. In other words, this towel is "top shelf." Additionally, our towel is detachable from the chair frame, just in case you feel like drying off, laying flat to tan those buns or taking a nap.


The support is similar to the sensation of sitting in a hammock with your upper body being suspended freely in the air. Your upper body is supported upright comfortably, meanwhile your lower body can feel the warmth of the sand or coolness of the grass below you and the towel. 

For those of you planning to bring the Bungalow Beach Chair to the park, we recommend wearing two pairs of socks your first time. The surprising comfort has a propensity to blow your socks off. 


  The shade is made with 600 Denier PVC offering shade comparable to a private poolside cabana. Fabric on the sides of the shade can be rolled up or down so that you can stay cool and protect your face from UV rays. Also, you will find a nifty pocket inside the shade designed to fit your cell phone--keeping your phone out of the sand and the sound from your favorite playlist nearby. 


Attached to the side of the towel you will find a 6x12 inch canvas carrying bag with a heavy duty plastic zipper; the kind that opens and closes despite being introduced to sand. Use this to keep your cell phone, sunblock, sunglasses, and other valuables safe and nearby.