About Us

Bungalow Bay Company provides products that are creative, comfortable and cultivate the state of mind of living laid back. 

So who are we?

Remember that time you had that amazing surf session and it was just you and some dude out in the water. We are that guy. That guy who rode past you smiling on his skateboard, followed by his dog. The person who at the market down the street, opened the door for you with a 12-pack of Dos XX in his hands. And that babe you walked by and double-checked at the beach. That's us. We are simply a group of people devoted to offering the brand and products that best remind people to keep things simple and celebrate life. Or in other words, live laid back. 

We believe that for a brand to be truly authentic it should be built by the people who it strives to represent. Our brand is an organic showcasing of customers and supporters who have contributed their ideas, talents, creativity, and lifestyle.

We would like you to share with us how you #livelaidback. 

Join the tribe!